World Bank Launched Professional Course in Public Procurement

The World Bank has stressed on strengthening the public procurement system by training government staff and ushering in a regulatory body for public procurement. Public procurement is the buying of goods and services on behalf of government organisations. The World Bank launched a specialised course in public procurement called Professional Diploma in Public Procurement (PDPP) in… Read More »

New EU-Rules on Public Procurement

The European Parliament has updated EU rules on public procurement on  January 15th .  With the inclusion of new criteria, the new EU-rules on public procurement will ensure better quality and value for money when public authorities buy works, goods or services. There is now more emphasis on quality, environmental considerations, social aspects and innovation. The… Read More »

Sustainable Green Public Procurement Brings Advantages

Sustainable public procurement (green public procurement or green procurement ) is a tool, a process or a way how to perform a socially and environmentally responsible public procurement. Such green public procurement is largely based on calculation of life cycle costs of a desired good or service compared to the traditional approach based on selecting… Read More »

Pneumatic Tools:Time For Procurement Decisions

Subsequent to recent decline in demands with massive global downturns witnessed by the construction, manufacturing and automotive sectors there is an upturn in demand and prices for pneumatic tools. However, the increasing prices are not only hurting the buyers but also affecting the procurement professionals make better buying decisions. The “Pneumatic Tools” have a buyer power… Read More »

World Bank’s Proposals For Procurement Reforms : IEG Evaluations

The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) of the World Bank has conducted evaluations to cover a broader range of issues regarding Bank procurement policies and procedures and findings are indicative even if references to procurement-related factors that affect project or country outcomes are examined, typically, in an incidental way. The World Bank Management conducted prior review… Read More »

WTO: Ratification of Revised Agreement on Government Procurement

Participants in the plurilateral Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) affirmed at a ministerial meeting during the WTO’s Ninth Ministerial Conference their shared objective of bringing a revised version of the Agreement into force as soon as possible, and in any event no later than 31 March 2014. The revised Agreement was first adopted in March… Read More »

World Bank Procurement Policy and Guidelines Enter Second Phase of Reforms

According to an official press release , the World Bank is launching the second stage of the reform of its procurement policy and guidelines, after Executive Directors’ endorsement of a “Proposed New Framework on Procurement in World Bank Investment Project Finance” on November 15, 2013. The World Bank’s vision for procurement is to “support clients… Read More »

High Corruption in Small Value Public Procurements

Measuring and quantifying corruption in public procurement has always been an uphill task for the policymakers as well as the reform-advocates. It is extremely difficult to fathom the shadow-crimes related with procurement, as there are no mechanisms to detect such issues. Guardians of the public money often find themselves at bay with identifying such incidences… Read More »

Curbing Corruption in PPP Contracts

The proposed Indian Public Procurement Bill of 2012 which is still pending does cover PPPs along with a strategy to curb corruption in the public procurement. However, the proposed bill has few lose corners as far as the PPP contracts are concerned. The proposed bill restricts PPPs to projects with concession periods of over five… Read More »

Social Media Offers Great Benefits To Procurement Professionals

Many of procurement’s highest priority challenges are relationship-based, both inside and outside the organization which makes it even more imperative for procurement to begin exploring ways to leverage social media to a greater extent. Procurement needs to build relationships with executive leadership, distributed buyers, finance, accounts payable, as well as suppliers: both prospective and contracted… Read More »

Towards Green and Responsible Public Procurement

Public procurement contracts account for a significant share of the economy making public procurement rules a powerful tool for achieving specific societal goals, whether environmental, social or innovative. Public procurement should be greener and more socially responsible. Instead of simply accepting the lowest bid, public authorities should go for the “most economically advantageous tender” which… Read More »

Driving Innovation To Public Procurement Systems:E-White Paper

Development Procurement presents its first ever white paper for the readers including procurement professionals. The first white paper is titled as ” Driving Innovation To Public Procurement Systems”. The author of the E-White Paper Ashutosh Vajpeyi says , ” Innovative public procurement system is an advance form of an evolutionary process. Reforms within the public procurement… Read More »

Value for Money in Public Procurement Dynamics

Public procurement processes must ensure best value for money. Minimizing on cash usage is one of the approaches leading to value for money. Use of cash is prone to fraud. Pre-qualifying the prospective suppliers is also an effective strategy. Maintaining long term procurement relations with suppliers having strong financial muscles helps supply-chain sustainability for a… Read More »

Public Procurement: Globalization Led Challenges

Public procurement systems involving contract management processes ought to keep pace with the global economic transformations. Public procurement professionals require learning new approaches and technologies to deal with the challenges. The government sector has completely ignored up keeping and enhancing its capacity to mitigate risks associated with public procurement processes and outcomes. There has been… Read More »